Elephante takes you into the Glass Mansion with an animated video [WATCH]

Elephante glass mansion video

The mammoth, chart-topping EP “Glass Mansion” from one of the hottest names in the dance music scene, Elephante, is one of the best albums you would have seen in the recent past. As a tribute to the prolific success of the EP, the artist takes you on a visual journey into the Glass Mansion with a 10-minute animated music video.

The remarkable creative skill in the video is backed by the colorful display of the house, taking you through each stairway, each room, in dizzy loops. Everything from a normal day’s affairs, to the dazzling club scenes and the dark, deep underground vibe is displayed in the carefully crafted, fluidic video.

Speaking to Billboard about the project, Tim said: “I wanted people to be able to see and really feel what it was like to walk through the house, not just listen to the music. All my favorite music transports me to a different world, so I felt that having a visual representation of each song really brings the Mansion to life. Each song is different, so all the rooms have a different vibe and artistic style — just like you might decorate rooms differently based on what you’re going through at the time. The Mansion is the fulfillment of everything you’ve ever wanted, so if you want a pool in your living room, that’s chill; and if you want a portal to another dimension in your closet, that’s even better.”

The astounding visual art comes from the talents of Caegan Meaghar of Kvit Magik, which adds life- and beyond to the scintillating music display from Elephante. It is an absolute treat to relive the Glass Mansion experience and reminisce the EP that debuted at #1 on iTunes Dance Album Chart, housing tracks like “The In Between” which ruled the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart for 20 long weeks!

The year ends on a really high note with this visual experience that treats you to the sophomore EP in a short span. We wonder what beauties this artist has in store for 2019. Until then, share this video with your friends and download the EP here.

Pavan Kumar


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