Australian Producer Elypsis Releases Dreamy 12-Track Progressive House EP ‘All Around Me’

elypsis all around me

Australia’s rising progressive house tastemaker Elypsis returned to Monstercat today, unveiling the rest of his stunning twelve-track EP, ‘All Around Me.’

A year in the making, the EP is a sonic retelling of Elypsis’s journey to self-discovery. The beautiful package fully showcases the talented producer’s poignant style and euphoric sound, with the bright synths, cinematic pads, and ambient forest foley in “Open Your Eyes” reigniting our innate urge to explore.

The lush chords, soft percussion, and deep basses in “All Around Me” are reminiscent of the raw beauty in the ever-changing scenery Elypsis witnessed during his time spent touring Australia in his converted van. With its uplifting energy and carefree atmosphere, the EP is a vessel for listeners to step out of their comfort zones and experience the world around them.

Elypsis shares, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

‘All Around Me’ EP Tracklist:

1. Drift
2. All Around Me
3. Searchlight – Elypsis & Brandon Mignacca
4. As I Wander
5. Compass
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Ocean Girl
8. All Around Me (Extended Mix)
9. Searchlight (Extended Mix) – Elypsis & Brandon Mignacca
10. As I Wander (Extended Mix)
11. Compass (Extended Mix)
12. Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)


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