Enamour Unveils Double Sided Single, ‘Blue Rose/Red Room’

enamour blue rose/red room

Enamour touches down on Factory 93 Records with a stunning double-sided single ‘Blue Rose / Red Room,’ composed of two immaculate melodic techno offerings.

The DC-based producer has been making waves throughout the dance music world in recent years with his elegant, melodic approach to techno. On his forthcoming debut EP for Factory 93, he weaves his way through a wide range of textured sonic layers that shift from delicate to ferocious and back again with surprising ease.

The lead track “Blue Rose” begins with a hypnotic, looming groove that steadily builds through hazy synth stabs and orchestral strings before vanishing into the ether.

Then, a gorgeous, plucked lead meanders atop a bed of celestial pads and drones, akin to emerging from a thick forest into a sunlit, pastoral clearing. As the pads swell, the drums slam back in and LFO-modulated synth chords flow in and out of sync, creating a tumultuous frenzy before settling back into a steady rhythm. The journey that ensues combines dark, atonal sound design with more angelic pads and strings, exploring both sides of the light-dark binary.

“Red Room” is the perfect pairing for the EP’s lead, using many of the same gorgeous pad and choir elements from its predecessor. However, where “Blue Rose” creates an environment that conjures the divine, “Red Room” is decidedly more chaotic and intense. The track’s pounding 16th-note bassline sounds straight out of a science fiction film, which, coupled with some seriously heavy drum programming, could fit well into a rolling set of late-night techno.

“I was inspired by film/TV scores and their use of choirs and vocals to impart drama and intensity in music,” says Enamour. “Experimenting in the studio, I ended up mangling jazz doo-wop samples to get the characteristic low vocal bit that supports the groove in each track. Both names are also references to one of my favorite TV series “Twin Peaks.”

Exhibiting an impressive range, the Washington DC native Michael Gold has spent the last few years filling the hearts and minds of house and techno lovers through his Enamour moniker, a project that has won over the affection of some of the most respected names in the underground scene.

He’s been championed by a plethora of credible gatekeepers from the likes of BBC Radio tastemakers Pete Tong and Danny Howard, as well as like-minded artists such as Sasha, Gorgon City, Above & Beyond, Rüfüs Du Sol, Oliver Koletzki, Lane 8, and the list continues to grow. Masterfully covering a myriad of dreamy textures and dark, nuanced grooves, Enamour has positioned himself as a constant source of dancefloor-defining constructions.

Enamour’s new release ‘Blue Rose / Red Room’ is available everywhere via Factory 93 Records.


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