Ephixa comes back with new single – Dreamstate


First having been introduced on Monstercat, Ephixa comes out with a new single – the melodic Dreamstate. The Canadian producer debuted on the label with ‘Dubstep Killed Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and made a mark for himself in the scene.

The single that comes with a color artwork, is as colorful and exuberant in its vibe too. Starting with strong and groovy synths, the hard-hitting bass adds all the more impact. The interlude melodies are enigmatic and dynamic in nature and give you all the more reason to be ready for strong second half of the track. The production has been made very thoughtfully and yet, allows one to freely flow through its rhythms. Definitely a great track for the high power club-parties.

The DJ has featured on many Monstercat albums and left Monstercat for 4years with ‘Awesome To The Max’, which featured on Monstercat 009 Reunion. He returned to his home label in 2016 with his track ‘Matches’ w/ Stephen Hawking which was featured on the 5 Year Anniversary Album.

His debut EP ‘Some Wobbles’ also featured on the label and was out in 2011. With other releases like ‘Division’ and ‘Audacity’, the relationship between him and the label proved to be special. In 2016, he releases his second EP ‘Matches- The Remixes’ in collaboration with Aaron Richards and created quite a bit of buzz.

The artist has truly grown strong and has made a special mark in the scene with the constant collaboration with the revered label. This release is more like a refresher and seems like a good way to accelerate much further in his career here on. As he continues to release ear-catching tracks till this day and we are excited to see what comes next.


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