Headbangers! Get set for Excision’s new album – Apex


Bass legend Excision dropped a tweet and it took all music fans by surprise! Announcing the release of his new album – Apex, on the 14th of August, he proved that rumors of his new album just weren’t rumors!

The album will feature 14 tracks from heavyweights like Dion Timmer, Space Laces, and Sullivan King. The album comes after the legendary bass album, Virus which was out in 2016. Gold (Stupid Love) feat. Illenium and Shallows has been a great example of what to expect from the album already.

The champion of bass, who hails from British Columbia, has experimented time and again with the limits of electronic music and one can be certain that his heart will pound and eyes will pop out upon hearing his masterful production. Very artistic in the description of his music and in its presentation, there’s no other alternative you’ll find to his kind of music.

Here’s the announcement he made on Twitter:

Complete track-list :

1. Exterminate

2. Slodd (Feat. Space Laces)

3. Wake Up (Feat. Sullivan King

4. Tonight

5. Gold (Stupid Love) [Feat. Illenium and Shallows]

6. Fall

7. Home (Feat. Dion Timmer)

8. Where Are You (Feat. Dion Timmer)

9. Power

10. Vault

11. Die For You (Feat. Akylla)

12. Hoods Up (Feat. Dion Timmer and Messinian)

13. Fight Through the Pain (Feat. Sullivan King)

14. Rumble (Feat. Space Laces)

Pre-order the album here.

Pavan Kumar


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