F.O.O.L And Caster Unveil Multi-Genre Single “INERTIA”

f.o.o.l inertia

After making his Monstercat debut this summer, Sweden’s mysterious masked producer F.O.O.L returned to the label today, accompanied by London’s burgeoning dubstep producer Caster for their collaborative single, “INERTIA.”

The rich bassline, floating keys, and upbeat synth melody feel reminiscent of classic synth and hardwave records. Both artists’ dark tendencies manifest as the track progresses through the aggressive synth stabs, thumping kicks, and guttural bass growls found in the second drop.

A testament to the duos’ knack for weaving an immersive universe through their productions, “INERTIA” effortlessly blends a retro style with modern, futuristic sounds, taking listeners on an otherworldly musical journey.

F.O.O.L shares, “When Caster wrote to me and showed me his music, I immediately fell in love with his concept and music and felt that we needed to work on something together, combining genres we’ve been listening to a lot lately and put our own spin on it.”

Caster adds, “‘INERTIA’ was so much fun to make; we hope you’ll love it as much as we do! Big shout out to F.O.O.L for letting me be a part of this track and to the Monstercat team for believing in and releasing it!”


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