Fairlane, Rival, And Philip Strand Unleash Powerful Melodic Dubstep Single “Oblivion”

fairlane oblivion

After making his Monstercat debut last year, future bass artist Fairlane returned to the label, accompanied by multifaceted producer Rival and singer-songwriter Philip Strand for their collaborative single, “Oblivion.”

Inspired by the ups and downs that transpire during a relationship, the dynamic single mirrors this journey through its fluctuating energy. The powerful chords and thumping drums drive the track forward while the bass growls and emotional vocals allow for seamless transitions between its various motifs. With its uplifting pop melodies, warm chords, and hard-hitting basses, “Oblivion” will tug at the heartstrings while making for the perfect main stage anthem that brings the crowd together.

Rival shares, “Monstercat was my first introduction to the EDM scene and really inspired me from a young age. I was so fascinated by the sound and energy of the tracks, which initially pushed me to start making music. Releasing on Monstercat is really a full-circle moment, and this means the absolute world to me.”

Philip Strand also sheds light on the single, saying, “‘Oblivion’ is about being addicted to a person, through ups and downs you keep chasing the highs they give you.”


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