Falamensia – Core (Remix Competition)


An exciting opportunity has arisen for one lucky music producer to beat off the competition and have their remix of a recent Falamensia track released on AtomicSky Recordings and win a whole load of other goodies into the bargain.

In association with Wavo and AtomicSky Recordings, Falamensia has put the stems of his recently released track, ‘Core’, from his ‘Celestial EP’ up for hopeful music makers to use and come up with their own interpretations. All participants’ submissions will automatically be entered into the Wavo chart where the most popular remixes will reach the top, resulting in increased exposure and thus may be more likely to be considered as a potential winner; however, all submissions will be judged on creativity and quality first and foremost.

The lucky winner will not only have their remix released on AtomicSky Recordings, potentially kick-starting their production career, but they will win a copy of either Izotope’s Vocalsynth or Xfer’s Serum Vst, promotional support from AtomicSky Recordings and 3 months free Instagram boosts for their fan page.

The deadline for submissions and votes is 11:59pm PST on October 24, 2016 so get to work now for your chance to win this fantastic prize.

Follow Wavo’’s link here for more info, to download stems and submit your track.


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