Feather Reveals Track With SEGØ, “Fixing Me” Featuring Rajiv Dhal

feather fixing me

Inching ever closer to the release of his widely-anticipated sophomore EP, rising producer Feather joins forces with SEGØ for “Fixing Me,” the final track from his aforementioned body of work.

Marking another exciting chapter in the growing Feather project, the recent slew of collaborations has demonstrated Feather’s capacity for creative experimentation and growth as he works with a variety of producers and musicians. A melodic, vocal-driven offering, “Fixing Me” drops on August 12th as a self-release.

“I have always had a deep love for dance pop and house music but haven’t been able to indulge in making any amidst most of my melodic catalog. With SEGØ being one of Nashville’s premiere DJs and dance pop producers, we wanted to make something that he could play at a nightclub and I could play at a festival, but still showcased both sides of our sound equally. We’re both really proud of what we came up with!” – Feather

With the summer months dwindling down, Feather’s “Fixing Me” is primed to go out swinging as a late contender for song of the summer. Having always been interested in collaborating with like-minded artists, Feather’s newest creative undertaking is a seamless union of style and intent between he and SEGØ, a fellow Nashville-native.

“Fixing Me” straddles the fine line between the pop and dance genres, exhibiting a stylistic versatility that makes this one for any stage or setting. The sky is the limit for Feather and having recently signed a partnership deal with mega-streaming platform Twitch, 2022 looks to be the year Feather establishes himself as a go-to name in dance music.


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