Ferry Corsten and Saad Ayub release new single – Synchronicity


The Dutch EDM pioneer Ferry Corsten is who started the UNITY project, releases a new single on it, in collaboration with the Bangladeshi native producer based in Toronto – Saad Ayub. The track, called Synchronicity, is a wonderful work of production that combines the immense skill of both the producers!

Beginning in a dynamic manner, the fast-paced track is set to suck you into the powerful vibe of it quite instantly. An enigmatic and melodic build-up is what leads us into the immensely powerful and vibrant drop. With thumping beats, it is one track that will make you keep wanting to spend more time on the dance-floor. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t feature at #1 on Corsten’s Countdowns for two consecutive weeks now.

Halfway into the year and having so far featured collaborators DIM3NSION, Jordan Suckley and Paul Oakenfold, alongside Ferry Corsten, the UNITY project has inspired creativity amongst a community that has been able to harvest that goodwill and use it for a greater good by helping to fund educational programs giving young adults an opportunity to find their own pathway within the world of music. By partnering with the VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, Ferry Corsten, UNITY and the involved collaborators, have been to add further support to the organization’s Music Tech Grant Programme.

One barely needs an introduction to Ferry Corsten, who is in many ways an underrated name in the progressive trance scene albeit his incredible work so far. It is just exciting to treat ourselves to music from the likes of legends like him and this track is one that keeps up his huge reputation.

Inspired by the fresh sound of psychedelic and melodic trance, Bangladesh Born, Toronto resident Saad Ayub creates a euphoric blend of music to stimulate the body and mind. Combining the light and dark sides of the genre, he incorporates a distinctive pulsating sound that invigorates the audience and creates a charged atmosphere that will put you into the euphoric state of trance.

Allow yourself to be immersed in this dynamic piece of music and let us know what you think about it!

Buy/Stream it here.

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