Florian Picasso Releases Comeback Single, “Like You Do” With Gashi & Ally Brooke

florian picasso like you do

Dance/pop star Florian Picasso marks his comeback in a big way this week, releasing ‘Like You Do’ (ft. Gashi & Ally Brooke), the first of many new tracks to come and the beginning of Picasso’s collaboration with Universal Music.

After two years spending most of his time in studios, Florian Picasso is finally back in the dance music scene and is ready to take it by storm! Picasso’s latest opus ‘Like You Do’ takes him into mellow, introspective territory and is one of his most spectacular singles to date. Vocals come from ex-Fifth Harmony member and A$AP Ferg collaborator Ally Brooke and DJ Snake collaborator Gashi, who make a perfect pair.

Bit-crushed synths fizz up as the track begins, slamming us straight into Ally Brooke’s pained, soaring vocals and sorrowful piano chords. A synth twinkles somewhere in the background, before Gashi’s vocal joins in harmony and takes centre stage as the languid trap beat trickles into life. His soulful delivery glides with the help of beautifully dreamy effects, and the spacious arrangement really lets these choice vocals shine. The gorgeous chorus sees them duet in perfect unison, and the momentum of the song keeps burning into the second voice. It’s a very sophisticated, restrained pop track that’s drenched in emotion and shows a tender side to Picasso’s tastes.

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.


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