Franc Moody’s “Dream In Colour” Is A Treasure Of Dance Breaks and Soaring Melodies

franc moody dream in colour

London funk and soul collective Franc Moody drop their debut album Dream In Colour.

The record arrives alongside a video for new single ‘Skin On Skin’, which twists the charged romance of the track on its head.

A truly feel-good debut album, Dream In Colour perfectly encapsulates the phenomenon that is Franc Moody. Born from a concoction of old soul beats and warehouse funk, the album is a perfect treasure of dance breaks and soaring melodies. Between lead singles ‘Skin On Skin’ providing sounds and styles of funk, and nu disco and soul and ‘Dream In Colour’ putting listeners in a trance of dance beats and an intoxicating performance, Dream In Colour is a stunning DIY success story.

When describing the album, Franc Moody explain, “Dream In Colour is our debut album, all the best bits that have come out of our studio cupboard in North West London over the last year. It’s a collection of tunes we’re really proud of. It’s been a real DIY labour of love to make, with inspiration taken from all the experiences and characters we’ve come across as Franc Moody. We hope it provides a release for listeners, and some time to dream in colour, away from the hyper, information-driven world we live in today.”

Director Jak Payne says of the ‘Skin On Skin’ video that “the band really wanted to do something unexpected, which I always think is a good starting point. I guess the track might suggest something poppy or romantic for the visual so we wanted to go in the opposite direction and make something kind of violent for it. I think it works because lines like “toe to toe” or “skin on skin” start to be interpreted differently when you watch it and that creates a bit of confusion and hopefully makes it interesting.”

Known for their brilliant and engaging performances, a Franc Moody gig is a life-affirming experience. As a band who came up via the tight-knit warehouse rave scene of London, their live shows are all about catharsis and chaos. Each gig feels like a gigantic house party, packed with scenes of crowd surfing, mosh pits, and mass sing-alongs. This is where the band feels most at home and it informs one of the many themes running through their forthcoming debut album, Dream in Colour: the experience of letting loose together.

Masterminded by chief collaborators Ned and Jon, Franc Moody is inspired by a blend of classical music, old soul, 50’s/60’s New Orleans music and Rock n Roll. First meeting in the warehouse scene in Tottenham throwing underground parties, the two friends gravitated towards more socially-conscious music, thus creating their collective Franc Moody. While in the warehouse scene, Ned and Jon found the other members of their collective: Luke on guitar, Rosy on bass, Dan the drummer and Amber-Simone on percussion, all who found their home in Franc Moody.

Ahead of their upcoming North American tour, Franc Moody have gained momentum stateside with previous single releases ‘Terra Firma’ and ‘Skin On Skin’, which was picked up by KCRW Music Director Annie Litt and saw airplay on the acclaimed Morning Become Eclectic. Franc Moody will make a stop in Los Angeles’s Teragram Ballroom, San Francisco’s 1015 Folsom, and Brooklyn’s Elsewhere among others this Spring.

Franc Moody’s debut album Dream In Colour is available for streaming now.


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