Franky Nuts & Axel Boy Bring the Noise on Bombastic Dubstep Collab “Louder

franky nuts axel boy louder

Franky Nuts and Axel Boy amplify classic dubstep influences on a blaring, intricately constructed collab “Louder,” which marks both of their label debuts on SLANDER and NGHTMRE’s Gud Vibrations imprint.

Dutch sensation Franky Nuts and the Bristol-based Axel Boy have each been in the game for going on a full decade now, long enough to afford them a behind-the-scenes perspective on the countless iterations and innovations that have cycled through the bass scene throughout the years. While they’ve exceled at building their respective genre-bending careers, dubstep has proven to be an area of expertise for this pair of wobble-flinging pals. Seeing as how they’ve guided the genre along across similar stables, it wasn’t out of the question to assume they would eventually tie up on a track together. It was merely a matter of finding the right fit, admittingly requiring a few WIPs to be tossed around before realizing they had a winner on their hands.

“Me and Franky have been buddies for a good few years now,” says Axel Boy. “I think we’ve always been inspired by each other’s sounds, so coming together creatively felt really natural. We’ve probably worked on about three or four different ideas, but we knew we wanted our first collab release to be huge, so we waited for the right idea to come about.”

“I invited him to perform at the shows I host in The Netherlands, so he could come over and stay a few more days to dive into the studio,” adds Franky. “We’re always looking to combine vibing, fresh and melodic sounds with heavy ones. One day, I was experimenting with some bass and leads, and I came up with the first part of the drop and I thought it could be really cool for us to work on. I sent it over to him, and, the funny thing is, we finished up the general idea really quickly afterwards because we were so hyped about the idea.”

“This song is mine and Franky’s vision of dancefloor dubstep in some of its most intense but musically complex form,” Axel Boy continues. “We looked to inspiration from the golden era dancefloor dubstep from artists such as 16bit and Noisia, and really tried to capture that vibe in a modern, colourful form.”

Drifting in slowly with airy piano keys and moody atmospherics filling out the intro, there’s an intoxicating serenity sitting on the surface above the turbulent forces fighting their way to the fore. Once the snare and clap combo start winding up in tandem with the intensifying melodic lead, Franky Nuts and Axel Boy crank the energy well past the manufacturer’s default settings to produce a chomping synth roar interlaced with a secret blend of nostalgia and futuristic flavors. The brass horns and retro-tinged melodies are tweaked through plenty of permutations, finding new patterns and phrases to continually keep the decibels running into extreme levels. Whether you’re maxing out the at-home speakers or getting your money’s worth out of your headphones, loud is the only recommended method to get the full experience of this revolutionary collaboration.

“Louder” pays homage to a pivotal point in history for bass music, and no two artists could have done the moment justice better than the progressive pairing between Franky Nuts and Axel Boy.


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