Friendzone And Parker Unveils New Single, ‘Read Your Mind’ Featuring Sad Alex

friendzone read your mind

Friendzone and Parker combine their strengths on their first-ever collab together for the Lost In Dreams imprint, taking the form of their new single “Read Your Mind,” featuring the viral-worthy vocal talents of sad alex.

It’s no secret that communication is the life force coursing through the heart of every healthy relationship. Texan duo Friendzone and Los Angeles-based producer PARKER shine a light on its intrinsic value with their forthcoming single.

“Read You Mind” is a melodic dance-pop anthem that taps into those nerve-wracking moments when silence becomes deafening. Its message is conveyed loud and clear thanks to a riveting delivery from singer-songwriter sad alex, whose riveting lyrics ache for the elusive touch of transparency.

Suspenseful pads and woeful piano chords meander above sharp snaps and the thud of a thick kick, until the tension buckles under the weight of swelling synth progressions. During the breakdown, alex dances around the disjointed dynamic to no avail, ultimately becoming a casualty to the thunderous melodic dubstep switch-up signaling to the final straw.

“‘Read Your Mind’ is like the tension of being stuck in a ‘situationship,’” says Friendzone. “You have immense love for the other person but because of the pain they’ve experienced in the past, it’s impossible for them to open up. You wish you could read their mind so you can know what they’re really thinking.”

Ironically, sad alex is a radiant source of smile-inducing energy with a gradually growing stockpile of insightful and delightfully honest indie pop records. She’s showcased her tear-jerking songwriting abilities via a string of self-released EPs adopting the tongue-in-cheek title ‘songs that you’ll probably never hear.’

Her lush vocal work has also been seeping over into the dance space, with a modest repertoire of features for Fairlane, pluko, Win and Woo, Benzi and more. On a more playful note, the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist has cracked the algorithm on TikTok with repeat FYP appearances sharing demos with her standard headphone and handheld microphone setup.

PARKER is the brainchild of Jake Sgarlato, the melodic maven who adopted the whimsical cartoon mascot tied to his moniker after shedding his real name project to break the shackles of expectations. It was a risky move that has not stopped paying dividends, based on the monumental success he’s garnered moving from genre to genre at the mercy of his own discretion. He’s still buzzing off the hype of his debut ‘GATEWAY’ album, a 15-track jaunt through a myriad of genres and influences ranging from indie, alternative rock, melodic drum & bass, hip-hop and electropop.

Hayden Warzek and Jesse Woods are the minds behind the Friendzone project, two Texas-based buddies who’ve been building unbreakable bonds in the dance space as of late. The duo has locked a stream of radio support from the likes BPM, Diplo’s Revolution, Pitbull’s Globalization, Dash Radio, Chainsmoker’s Nice Hair Radio and more.

They were recently touted as a ‘Top Artist To Watch in 2022’ by YourEDM, a recognition they will continue to live up to as they move through upcoming dates, including a stop at SXSW and a headlining show in Anchorage, AK, this month.

Lost In Dreams has also solidified a strong rapport with them, exploring a host of avenues such as their initial remix for Crystal Skies and JT Roach’s “Crazy While We’re Young,” an appearance on the label’s recently launched ‘Gateway’ compilation with their RUNN-assisted “Sick of You,” and, of course, the radiant “Glow In The Dark” single featuring the celebrated songstress Nevve.

Friendzone and Parker’s new single “Read Your Mind” is available everywhere via Lost In Dreams Records.


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