Fur Coat Makes A Dark Refinement Of Tim Engelhardt’s “Sun”

tim engelhardt sun fur coat remix

Classified as a melodic house record; this fresh rendition of Engelhardt’s “Sun” portrays a dark image of the original.

Fur Coat’s remix is a part of Tim Engelhardt’s 3-track “Sun EP”. This EP is being released on the Ukrainian imprint “Eleatics records” which is the musical residence for known names like Bedouin, dOP, Hidden Empire, Moonwalk, and many more.

The Barcelona based duo has been mastering the art of Melodic house for quite a while now. Their latest Album “Polyphony” did solid numbers in the community. It featured a wide range of unique sounds. From dark basslines to uplifting melodies, nothing was left out. “Polyphony” was a spectrum of variations within the genre of Melodic House/Techno. Their new spin on Tim Engelhardt’s “Sun” is delightfully close to their works in the album.

Engelhardt’s “Sun” does its best to portray brighter sounds in an intricate fashion. However, Fur Coat’s rendition drives its sound in a different direction. Many in the community often misunderstand the term “remix”. Many believe that a remix is a change of genre alongside obvious changes to its sound while retaining some of its original elements. The latter part of the statement stands true. For a remix, there is no necessity to change the genre. Taking the record in a different direction and painting a different image out of the same elements makes a great remix. Fur Coat did the same with “Sun”. The record’s Dark atmosphere combined with an eargasmic bassline complement the repetitive yet subtle Leads. Dark fillers and other percussions play their important roles in making this record a puzzling, dark dancefloor dealer. Overall, this dark melodic house delicacy is a must for any after-party dweller.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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