Critics’ favourite Gallya unveils a two track EP – “Sanity Can’t Wait”


Gallya is one of techno’s finest talents!

After two critically acclaimed releases on deadmau5’s Mau5ville: Level 2 compilation on the 16th of November, the artist has followed it up with the latest mammoth EP “Sanity Can’t Wait”. Released on her own Set About imprint, the EP features the lead track “Sanity Can’t Wait” and “Unplug”.

With high-intensity beats right from the start, the title track displays a great urgency. As the percussive elements set a really throbbing vibe, the use of the ascending basslines and dreamy melodies make the track really rich in texture. A trippy- video game-like music takes lead in the second half as the drums and bass still remain absolutely in the forefront. In the end, it really feels like you’ve just finished a roller coaster ride.

“Unplug” also houses a grand expression of thumping beats, a deep bassline, and some spacey musical elements. In a consistent manner, the tempo builds on, to produce a hypnotic feeling as it is backed by some sick synth works. Vocal loops act as a reminder to wake up from the trance-like state this track takes you into!

One of the fastest rising techno DJ is this Bulgarian who first set foot in the industry earlier this decade. Her Set About label is one of the youngest and most respected techno imprints in the world. In 2016 she was nominated for Beatport’s Top Tech House Artist, after releasing a lot of bomb EPs for labels like Set About, Off Recordings, Kinetika, Deeperfect, ElRow Records.

2017 was when her career truly saw an upward curve as she releases her “Machines” EP which broke the charts on Beatport. Reaching #16, the EP was supported by Deadmau5 in his residency Radio Show on BBC Radio.

Coming out just a couple of weeks before her label’s huge year-end show at Hristo Botev Hall, Sofia on the 21st of December, the EP is set to enthrall a global audience. That was some incredible music from one of techno’s finest talents. What do you think about these two hair-raising releases? Leave your comments below. Download the track here.

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