Gammer’s ‘THE DROP’ receives Part 1 of its remixes and we can’t keep quiet!


‘The Drop’ by Gammer was arguably one of the biggest hits of 2017. With his happy hardcore style, he really took the dance music scene by storm. The track was featured in many sets across the world. This bass-hard dance anthem got a remix form the likes of Dyro too, which proved to be a banger!

Watch the Rave Radio brothers drop the song in a club!

Now, the famous track, has received it’s first remix package, through Monstercat. This remix pack includes mixes from the likes of Stonebank, Skellism, Slippy, Wooli, 4B and NvrLeft. With remixes from such accomplished names, it sure is one album everyone would die to listen to.

The remix by Wooli, is an absolute delight for all the trap and dubstep fans out there! The opening drop is an absolute banger and has all potential to be the opener to any international set! The track also has an enchanting groove in the middle and also the end. Stonebank’s remix is sounds more conventional, although it has gathered lots of love across the music world from electro-house fans. The hard drop is led into by a rather long intro.

Slippy has absolutely shown his talent in this remix of his as the track is being called “better than the original”, with that being said, the music here has been very smartly crafted and it’s a whole new feel, really.

The next remix is by Skellism and it’s only getting better. This track is what you’d play on your way to the concert arena, pepping up for the main stage, and still wait for it to be played on the main stage! A trap lover’s sweetheart, this track will be.

The best is saved for the last, always! Oh boy, what a mix have 4B and NvrLeft curated. The melodious intro, and the build up in the drop is worth it. We won’t say anything more, see it yourself.

This album might just play around with your mind and leave you in a tizzy about what kind of music you should like, because every remix seems whole in itself! And talking about Gammer, the man has stuck to his way of new music and has grabbed eyeballs from all parts of the world. He continues to write UK Hardcore. He has recently collaborated with artists such as Mike Discala (Nero / CamelPhat) and Hudson Mohawke (G.O.O.D Music / TNGHT / Kanye West).

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Pavan Kumar


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