Gareth Emery’s latest single receives a 4-track remix package

Gareth Emery’s Call to Arms

The impact of Gareth Emery’s latest song Call to Arms, which features the singer-songwriter Evan Henzi, has multiplied by four right now as the single receives its own remixes pack – Call To Arms (The Remixes). The collection sees mixes from Cosmic Gate, Sebastien, Matt Fax and Davey Asprey.

The first mix from Cosmic Gate is a display of great energy through thumping beats which are led into by some loopy vocals. The mix is a great blend of the elements from the original and signature music from Cosmic Gate. The latter half gets more dynamic with music that would set any festival stage on fire!

The next one comes from Sebastien and it gives you a very laidback feeling right from the beginning, yet maintaining its ability to make you groove. The emotive aspects are very prominent in the way the music displayed, while the melodic piano chords support the vocals and take you to a blissful new world. The euphoric climax to the track is definitely something everyone will fall in love with.

Matt Fax gives out a mix that is rich in the bass works right from the beginning and the progression is simply beautiful. A great variety to the track in terms of its presentation sets it apart from the others! If you’re are a progressive music fan, you’ll love it more than anything.

The final remix from Davey Asprey has a lot of echoey vocals to, begin with, and starts to pile up energy, led by melodies. The incredible build up to the drop is worth every second as the drop is so energetic that you won’t settle down till you’re tired of dancing!

The original itself has received amazing reception all over the world and it just gets better as you listen to each of these remixes. Gareth Emery is always known for pushing the limits of his production creativity and Call To Arms is certainly one that is deserving of the amazing remixes that it has received.

We bet you’ll fall in love with this pack! Do check it out and share it with your friends.

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