Gareth Emery Releases New Artist Album, “The Lasers”

gareth emery the lasers album

Electronic musician and songwriter Gareth Emery is releasing his new artist album The Lasers today, July 10.

For his fourth album, Emery has made a change in his approach by stepping away from traditional DJ routes of numerous collaborators and songwriters to write and produce everything himself.

The first single from the album “You’ll Be Ok” released earlier this year is most likely one of the most Emery signature styles of song and is a must-listen for those expecting the likes of classic cuts like “Saving Light” or “Concrete Angel.”

Other singles include “Elise” which was written for his daughter and a horrible time in his life when she spent a few weeks in the hospital with pneumonia and “End Of Days,” a future bass laced track that Gareth says, “really felt like a milestone in terms of being able to write songs about my own life.”

Much of what is on The Lasers reflects on the melancholy of these times.

Gareth Emery’s The Lasers track listing:

1. Prologue
2. Welcome to Your Life
3. I Saw Your Face
4. St. Mary’s
5. Little Celebrity
6. Gunshots
7. You’ll Be Ok
8. End of Days
9. Way to You
10. Elise


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