“Ganesha”, A Progressive House Euphony From Kerabo And Gaurav Mehta

gaurav mehta ganesha

In 2022, the progressive house scene might be back in full force. It is evident that things are going to change when labels like Colorize, Anjunadeep, Enormous Tunes and Purified support the sound.

As far as change goes, we now have a new entrant to the progressive house scene. An Indian progressive house hymn by Lohit Records aims at erasing the borders and bringing all the music under one roof.

“Ganesha”, a track by “Kerabo” and “Gaurav Mehta” show their love of melodious electronic dance music.

Gaurav Mehta

About the track:

‘Ganesha’ is a progressive house odyssey set by the two masters. The track has an interesting mixture of progressive house melodies and Indian classical music. Its breakdown creates a tranquil environment with the melodiousness of the sitar supporting the Ganesha chants. Building up to the drop, the original progressive house style leads us through until the end.

Lohit releases offers good quality tracks with powerful sounds in all Lohit releases. Based in India, Lohit has signed the most influential artists in the country, as well as finding out new talents with pure Progressive & Techno sounds. The label will focus on different tracks ranging from dark influences to rhythmic grooves and dance floor tunes.

With artists such as “Weekend Heroes, Paul Thomas, Sebastian Kreig, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Michael & Levan and of course Label Bosses Kash Trivedi & Kay Mikado”, the label expects to have special collaborations with world-famous producers to showcase their EPs and remixes.

Lohit Records is doing an excellent job if we hear tracks like these.

Shantanu Gursal


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