Genix Reveals Tracklist For Anjunabeats Worldwide 09 Compilation

anjunabeats worldwide 09 by genix

New heights, new sounds. That’s 2019 in a nutshell for Damion Houchen, a.k.a. Genix.

In March 2019, Genix set the world record for the highest DJ set on land, 5,525 meters up Mount Everest. Back at sea level, around the same time, a slew of sharp-edged, techno-infused singles took shape: ‘Boom Box’, ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Kill Switch’.

Pushing an exciting new sound, in 2019 Genix has found a voice that is truly his own. Now, as Anjunabeats approaches its 20th birthday, there’s simply no one more fitting to curate the next edition of the Worldwide compilation series.

A platform for our label stars to showcase their full reach, each instalment of the Anjunabeats Worldwide series is its own, unique artist statement; from the enigmatic flourishes of Mat Zo’s Worldwide 02, to the timeless trance journeys curated by ilan Bluestone on 05 and Oliver Smith’s 08. 09 promises to be another thrilling journey.

Damion reflects his here and now, with a touch of the there and then. Past and future converge. Six original contributions from Genix made the cut, including Above & Beyond favourite, ‘Ba55 Camp’, the acid-flecked ‘Zuul’ and stirring ‘Free Love’ with Sue Mclaren.

A prolific remixer, Damion upgrades a rave classic: Golden Girls ‘Kinetic’ (featuring an unforgettable riff courtesy of Orbital’s Paul Harntnoll).

The Anjunabeats roster is well represented with contributions from Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, Sunny Lax and Fatum. Matt Fax and Art Bastian are welcomed to the family, two fresh-faced artists inspired by Damion’s darker sounds.

“Anjunabeats Worldwide 09 is a selection of music reflecting my own personal taste and what you might find in some of my DJ sets. Of course it contains a lot of my own personal music productions too. I wanted the album to be a musical journey, starting a little slower and working through to some tougher beats. I’m a huge fan of progressive, techno and trance and I think that is evident in my tracks and this mix. I don’t want to be labelled trance, or any other music genre, I want to be known for a unique Genix sound. I hope you enjoy this selection of music, and the way it has been produced and put together.”

Get the compilation here.

1. Matt Fax – Collide (Intro Mix)
2. Genix & Judah – Noir
3. EchoFly – Blazing Sun
4. Grum – Altered State
5. Genix & Sue McLaren – Free Love
6. Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility – Base Surrender (Genix Remix)
7. Mat Zo feat. GQ – The Next Chapter
8. Above & Beyond – Another Angel
9. Grum – Stay (Genix Remix)
10. Genix – Giant Steps
11. Slusnik – Luna Sun 2011 (Genix Techno Update)
12. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Genix Remix)
13. Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Love Is Not Enough (Fatum Remix)
14. Fatum, Genix, Jaytech and Judah – All In (Sunny Lax Remix)
15. Genix – Rave Daze
16. Genix – Zuul
17. Genix – Ba55 Camp


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