Gentlemens Club Links up with Aweminus on Bone-Crushing Collab, “Death Club”

gentlemens club death club

The Bassrush Records crew is mobbing out with its latest issue, a massively destructive collab between Gentlemens Club and Aweminus.

As one of the most requested slammers, as far as 2020 is concerned, “Death Club” is finally seeing the light of day. Swarms of clued-in dubstep fans have been perched at the edge of their seats sweating in anticipation for the boys to bless us with the unholy union between the three-man UK outfit Gentlemens Club and SoCal’s own Aweminus. Together, they crank out three minutes of pure, unshakeable carnage. The proceedings open up with lysergic-laced synths that faintly whirl in the background until the blood-curdling “dead man walking” vocal sample hits, which is the precise moment when you realize the boys have you locked dead in their sights.

The intensity quickly reaches critical mass, as a rapid succession of claps, acid licks and haunting vocalizations give way to one of the deadliest drops we’ve heard all year long. Once the sound of the gun cocks, there’s zero time to run for cover before the real force and ferocious sound design twist and turn through solid switch-ups in their ingenious phrasing. A brief breather is offered up in the thrill-inducing breakdown, but that moment is fleeting, and the pairing of these two wub-slingers enter the final showdown that hammers the proverbial nail in the coffin.

Both artists are no strangers to the Bassrush Catalog. Gentlemens Club—comprised of 50 Carrot, Coffi, and Soloman—are coming off two wildly successful singles, including the nostalgia-dripping “Moments” they put out at the end of 2019. Aweminus, on the other hand, crushed his collab with Algo on the rail-breaking “Panini Bass.” It is, however, the first time these two heavy hitters have synched up in the studio


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