Glaue Unveils Transportive Melodic House EP ‘Dream On’

glaue dream on

UK-based producer and melodic house tastemaker, Glaue returned to Monstercat today with his mesmerizing seven-track EP, ‘Dream On.’

Each song is a perfect combination of live instrumentation and electronic elements. The title track, “Dream On” introduces a lighthearted energy to the package with vibrant synths, plucked guitar leads, and warm pads immersing listeners in waves of soothing sounds.

Inspired by some of his fond childhood memories, Glaue channels his emotions into “Everything Changes,” as the lyrics take the shape of a message he wished his mother would have given him before she fell victim to cancer. Supported by a host of beautiful extended mixes, ‘Dream On’ takes listeners on an ethereal journey through Glaue’s cerebral creations and masterfully crafted soundscapes.

Glaue shares, “The ‘Dream On’ EP is my attempt at conveying certain thoughts and feelings that have been on my mind whilst writing the music, through the use of my sound selection and sonic themes.”

‘Dream On’ EP Tracklist:

1. Dream On
2. Everything Changes
3. Coyote
4. Summit
5. Dream On (Extended Mix)
6. Everything Changes (Extended Mix)
7. Coyote (Extended Mix)


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