Our favourite songs from The Glitch Mob’s new album – See Without Eyes [PLAYLIST]


Formed in 2006, L.A.’s The Glitch Mob have captivated dancefloors around the world with their unique brand of electronica and heavy hip-hop-influenced basslines.

A trio consisting of three artists with three divergent musical backgrounds, The Glitch Mob transcend the conventional EDM sounds. Their futuristic dance style with their noisy bass-driven electro, is reminiscent of the works by electronic pioneers Aphex Twin and Autechre, as well as the heavier European breakbeat sound.

Along with their elusive production skills, The Glitch Mob’s live shows are some of the most intriguing and emotive electronic live shows you will ever come across. Their live shows feature “The Blade”, a real-time interactive instrument that is as futuristic spaceship-like instrument which allows the band to play live using an intertwined arsenal of Max/MSP, Ableton Live, & Lemur.

After dishing out two fantastic albums in “Drink The Sea” and “Love Death Immortality”, the trio went into a long hiatus and after 4 long years, they released their much anticipated third studio album “See Without Eyes”.

The album is exactly how a Glitch Mob fan would expect from the ingenious trio. Immaculate sound design, gritty and stylish.
From the dazzling eleven track LP, we have picked our five favorite tunes.

Starting with “Disintegrate Slowly”, which is a signature industrial tune by Glitch Mob. Using their trademark synth stabs and a ridiculously filthy bassline, The trio takes us back to their “Drink The Sea” days.

Next up is “Go Light” which features some immaculate synth soloing from the trio coupled with well-arranged vocals by Ambre. “Come Closer” is another high energy track by Glitch Mob which reminds us of [chuffs] “We Can Make The World Stop”, anyone? “Interbeing” gives us a glimpse of the trio’s penchant for melodies and ambient sounds. The final track, “Way Out Is In“, an unexpected surprise that wasn’t originally announced as part of the track-list.

With five minutes of beautiful synths that brings the album to an end, the tune is our personal favorite from the album.

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