Goldfish team up with Zeeba for a downtempo single – It Was You

goldfish it was you

There’s a lot of beauty in the way the new single from Goldfish has been produced. The single, It Was You, features LA-based singer and songwriter Zeeba and is now out on Armada Music.

Starting off with tingling melodies and gentle vocals, the track manages to grab your attention with its subtle charm. With delicate percussion elements and strings that provide a soothing feeling, the producers have managed to let the song sink into you. Usage of the saxophone is what stands out, giving the production a more intimate touch.

The duo which hails from Cape Town is comprised of David Poole and Dominic Peters. Creating music of various genres that include deep house, jazz, pop and African, they have created their own mark in the industry. The two members got together while studying music in college and have since risen to play sets along with acts like Paul van Dyk, Pete Tong, and Fat Boy Slim.

With their album Perceptions of Pacha, in 2008, they set a new record for the most nominations at the South African Music Awards in 2009, with eight nominations. Having released many other hit-albums like Caught In The Loop, Get Busy Living, Three Second Memory and Late Night People, the duo has many hearts across the globe.

As the voice of Zeeba exudes grace and love, the track takes a whole new shape. Zeeba is one popular voice which has featured on many tracks like Hear Me Now, Never Let Me Go, Found U and With Me.

It is a real treat to listen to this song and it relaxes you very deeply. Do give it a listen now and leave your comments below! Download the track here.


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