GORDO Expands His TARAKA Festival Brand With His Second Single ‘TARAKA’

gordo taraka

American/Guatemalan DJ and producer Diamanté Anthony Blackmon continues his rapidly-rising GORDO alias with his second ever original track release ‘TARAKA’ out on Ultra Records.

With nearly 100 shows already under his belt, GORDO is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after house music acts on the circuit. On September 4th, GORDO sold out the grand reopening of legendary German club Bootshaus.

Just days later, GORDO headlined an exclusive sunrise set at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas — which was the first time the WYNN has ever done this.

Prior to ‘TARAKA’, GORDO’s debut single ‘KTM’ was a Beatport Top 10 hit, and this latest release is his follow-up named after his highly acclaimed TARAKA festival series which has popped up in San Francisco, Albuquerque, Baltimore and Bulgaria.

GORDO: “The vision with ‘TARAKA’ was to put something unexpected out there after ‘KTM’. It’s the complete opposite and shows I’m not doing this for the streams or for radio but for the culture. TARAKA is just the start. There is much more coming with GORDO.”

‘TARAKA’ takes a similar approach to GORDO’s extended sets, burning slowly but surely to a beautiful crescendo. Punchy percussion drives the track forward over sonorous melodic bass tones and teasing spine-tingling synth notes before a twisted horn motif comes in that cuts through the darkness unexpectedly.

Simple dramatic touches – like the tribal drum hits – boost the energy as the percussive layers build, leading us towards a blissed-out, piano-soaked breakdown. Following this moment of calm, brutal snare rolls and the return of the horn riff bring us back down to earth, giving the track another chance to rebuild through its cinematic elements.

Having scored a #1 dance album in the US as Carnage, collaborating with the likes of Mac Miller, Lil Pump and Tyga and playing the likes of Coachella and Lollapalooza along the way, Diamanté is moving his career in a new direction with his GORDO project.


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