Here’s our top 5 picks from Gorgon City’s latest album – Escape

album Escape

Gorgon City’s latest album Escape has been creating a lot of noise! Let’s tell you our top 5 picks among these!

Gorgon City feat. Raphaella – Kingdom

The opening track of the album begins with the powerful-sounding, crisp vocals from Raphaella and slowly draws you into a great vibe that’s bright and vibrant. The bass adds power to the tempo and the melody that goes on in the background is very catchy. Definitely a classic piece of work!

Gorgon City X Duke Dumont Ft. Naations – Real Life

This is just an intense bliss of bass! The vocals are incredibly seductive and complement the lyrics in a very true manner. The piano chords cannot be ignored, as it adds a great flavour to the track as it approaches the drop. The fast paced work on this one as the chorus hum along in a hurried yet crisp manner, makes it all the more incredible to listen to.

Gorgon City feat. Naations – Let It go

Creating a distinction for itself in this album, the track is quite infectious. The hard kicks slap you in the face as the melodies ring in the back of your head. Vocals, are once again really the highlight to this one too, as the track only gets much exciting in the second half, making you immerse yourself in a mysterious limbo.

Gorgon City feat. JP Cooper & Yungen – One Last Song

This one’s definitely the track that you can keep singing all day. The tempo is much jumpier than the others and the track houses a lot of raw sounds. The music is very very infectious as it slips off in a very smooth manner and just gets you hooked to it all day. With a bit of rap from Yungen in the middle, it proves to be a great blend of music.

Gorgon City feat. Kelly Kiara – Night Drive

Being the last track in the pack, it has proved to be a perfect ending! The vocals are rich very and emotive. The spacey melody is the constant highlight and just sucks you into its world. The drum-work is very prominent as the the song makes you want to dance and also lose into its soulful vibe.

Those are our picks, what do you think? Let us know below.

Pavan Kumar


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