Gorgon City reveals dance-floor ready mixes on Terrace Dub EP

Gorgon city Terrace Dub EP

Gorgon City’s recent album Escape saw some incredible music, out of which, many songs receive an upgrade and are released as a new pack – the Terrace Dub EP. Escape was released in August and features many hits like Go Deep, Hear That and One Last Song. This Terrace Dub pack shows their versatility in creating music for every mood.

Kingdom feat. Raphaella receives a bass-heavy and catchy mix from the duo. With the use of an upbeat tempo, catchy loops and timely use of vocal elements, the track keeps your hooked to it all throughout. Progressing seamlessly, the track reaches the climax, leaving one with a feeling of content.

Another famous track from Escape, Blame starts off in a very dynamic fashion with thumping beats and gentle use of synth works. With a laidback approach with the use of percussion elements, the remix intends a dark vibe which is so richly brought about by the synth works. Let It Go sets you up for something fantastic right from the beginning. With the use of natural and tribal sounds, the track provides a rich house-feel. The grip that it has on you is quite phenomenal, as the use of melodic sounds takes the lead.

One Last Song’s dub uses the trippy music from the original along with piano chords. The vocals start getting echoey and the build-up to the drop gets quite intense as compared to the original. With Never Enough, the artists provide a really addictive display of percussion works, which give you a bouncy vibe. Once again, the vocals have been used to lead into the drop, where the track surprises you with an incredibly bouncy vibe and smart usage of breaks. A really dynamic texture is what the climax holds and will definitely put a smile on your face!

Overdose really has an intense and spacey feeling. Making you feel transported to a whole new world, the vocals, the subtle beats, and the melodies cast their spell on you. One could argue that this is the best of the Terrace Dub pack- that’s how good it is!

The in-demand act Gorgon City release this pack just before they set out on the US Tour, which kicks off on the 25th of October at The Showbox in Seattle, and will also make stops at Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many more until the end of this year.

Catch them live at a city near you, but before that, give this pack a good listen! Buy/Stream it here.

Pavan Kumar


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