Grant & Emily Vaughn Unveil New Dreamy Single “Move On” On Monstercat

grant move on

Breakout artist Grant returns to Monstercat with his third single this year, in collaboration with pop singer-songwriter Emily Vaughn.

The duo unleashes their dreamy new track, “Move On” today, packed with honest lyricism, shimmering synths, and nostalgic chords. It’s the clearest shift toward Grant’s new indie-pop sound, stepping into the next chapter of his artistry and instrumentation.

Grant says, “Move On” is a song that I wrote with Emily back in my college dorm room a few years ago. We wanted to write a song that would help people going through break-ups or other hardships. It actually gathered dust for a little before I revisited it in 2020 during quarantine, but I always loved its simplicity and the melodies we wrote. I’ve done my fair share of bangers, and it was cool to purposefully strip back production a little bit on this one.”

Emily adds, “When we wrote “Move On” back in Grant’s college dorm a few years back, it felt like magic—and it has become more and more magical and relatable as time has passed. The concept is simple: how it feels to go from everything to nothing with someone and the steps taken to move on. There is no time limit or handbook to healing, and even when you do everything right during a breakup, you may still deeply miss them, and this song digs into that feeling.”

Grant started releasing music in 2014 when he was only 16. Since then, he’s earned over 65 million streams, remixes for Selena Gomez, Zedd, and Kehlani, and appearances on stages like EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, and more. His last single, “Won’t Give Up,” flexed his own vocal chops, further demonstrating his commitment to writing and producing. Emily Vaughn is an LA-based singer-songwriter with over 20 million streams and collabs with the likes of Smallpools, Gareth Emery, Taska Black, and others. Her confidence and searing one-liners shine on her debut project, ‘Bitch Bops’, which received widespread praise in 2019


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