Gudrun von Laxenburg receive remix treatment for their album’s lead single from Naxxos and Austrian Apparel

Gudrun von Laxenburg

Gudrun von Laxenburg are one of the most exciting acts in Austria.

Numerous media outlets highly praised their debut album “Panic!“ and the cinematic videos that were released along with it. Their live shows feature futuristic LED-suits, well arranged light set-ups, dancing unicorns and a sweaty audience.

A year after their album release, they’ve asked definitive Austrian electronic artists Naxxos and Austrian Apparel to jump on remix duties for the album’s lead single ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. Both extraordinarily talented duos have turned the track into something unique, whilst still being extremely different; the two outfits reveal the full range of what the composition and vocal performance contributed by Pressyes are capable of through their own signatures.

The charismatic two-piece DJ pair Chris and Max’s alias Naxxos from Graz, Austria made their way into many personal and influencer playlists through developing sophisticated, yet danceable electronic music. Last year they drew international attention with their EP “Animal” (Le Sofa 2017) featuring vocalists Dionne Bromfield, Raphaella and Kate Garné.

Download both the remixes here.

The experience they gained working with such outstanding artists has turned “Just Can’t Get Enough” into a euphoric dance track that fills heart and soul with positivity right from its beginning. Similar to Gudrun von Laxenburg, Austrian Apparel (AA+) aka Sebastian Wasner and Dominik Traun worked with analogue instruments and performed their music exclusively through a live setting. They’ve tore apart any genre constraints and managed to create a fascinating soundscape that slows the tempo of “Just Can’t Get Enough” almost to freezing point, whilst it remains mysteriously appealing. In their re-interpretation, the song develops a dreamy emotionality, embracing the audience with its soft beating drum and bass sound which lets its listeners trip into the artists’ atmospheric design.

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