Half An Orange release a chill new single – “Given Up”

Half An Orange Given Up

The Ohio-based duo Half An Orange, has just released a soulful, enchanting new single, “Given Up”.

Addressing the struggles that people from all walks of life face, the track offers a sense of relaxation. It is now out on Monstercat.

The laidback nature of the track is very evident right from the start, as gentle beats and subtle melodies soothe you. As the visuals of people in distress are seen, the lyrics offer a sense of relief and coax you to get over your struggles. Light and melodic basslines, coupled with some piano chords, and gentle guitar works make the track all the more effective, and leave you in a really happy state at the end of it.

Andrew and Michael gave themselves this unique name when the latter spent time on a beach in Rio de Janeiro and picked up the Portuguese expression of ‘Half An Orange’, which signified that everyone is half an orange, looking for that other person or purpose to fulfill themselves! We definitely think the duo found their other half in the music that they invest themselves in.

Their music always exudes a sense of ease, calm and brings out a natural essence in it, that touches you in a profound manner. However, they have mastered the art of adding elements of excitement and fun in it!

The duo debuted on Monstercat earlier in 2018, with the single “Old Friends” feat. Blonde Maze that was featured on the Monstercat Instinct Vol.2 album. Their second release came in the form of “Left Behind”, which was a collaboration with Inukshuk. And now, they are back with their first single of the year on the record label.

If you’ve got a lot of things bothering you right now, this is the go-to track for you! Let us know what you think about it and don’t forget to download it here.

Pavan Kumar


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