Hamid J Releases A Playful Single Called “Hold My Body”

hamid j hold my body

Hamid J, a pop singer based in LA, embraces the playful heartthrob ethos on his latest song, “Hold My Body.”

A proud member of the gay community, his single aims to dispel the myth that his relationships and love life are any less complex or relatable than those of his peers. He touches upon the ever-lamented “playing hard to get” phase that arises in dating.

Listeners are captivated by Hamid’s dreamy synths and shoulder-shaking beats and are guided to make their way with his music. Nevertheless, the singer’s relentless swank and sensuality are what drives “Hold My Body”.

Like all of us, Hamid J is looking for someone who will love him unconditionally and totally. The talent behind this song is undeniable, and its infectious energy is reminiscent of well-known icons such as Michael Jackson and George Michael.

Iranian-born and raised in Germany, Hamid J is an emerging artist, singer, and songwriter, and with his one-of-a-kind style and sound, he is making waves in the scene. Taking inspiration from his life experiences, Hamid J aims to create music that uplifts and connects people everywhere. It is Hamid’s dream to become a music icon of the 21st century and pay homage to the pop artists & contemporary vocalists who inspired him and enabled him to be his most authentic self.

Dedicated to honesty and passion, Hamid hopes this latest effort will dispel the common belief that “things are greener on the other side.”

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