Hardwell teases much anticipated follow up to “Apollo” [PREVIEW]

Hardwell Being Alive

A lot of music fans around the world were shocked by Hardwell’s announcement of retirement earlier in 2018.

The producer, however, said it’s only a break and that he’ll never stop production of music. If you were one of those disappointed fans, here’s some fantastic news for you!

As we set foot into the new year, Hardwell has dropped the follow up to “Apollo”, the much anticipated “Being Alive”. The track will be out on Revealed Recordings.

With a tinge of reminiscence of “Apollo” elicited, the vibe that “Being Alive” gives looks to be absolutely exciting. What a way to begin the new year, for all the fans who were disappointed after his last show at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome last year!

The track will be out on the 4th of January on Revealed Recordings. We know we don’t have to say this, but get ready for a real treat!

Pavan Kumar


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