Hardwell Revives ‘PACMAN’ To Program And Controlling Dancefloor

hardwell pacman

The latest album single to be released from Dutch titan Hardwell is one of the standout tracks from his now legendary Ultra Music Festival comeback show.

‘PACMAN’ grabbed fans’ attention in part due to his humourous lyrics about the video game character.

“You know what PacMan stands for? Program and control. He’s a program and control man. The whole thing is a metaphor. All he can do is consume”, is part of the lyrics in the track’s intro and concludes on kids listening to repetitive electronic music and “munching pills,” something which the iconic video game character is known for.

The track distills all of this to create a thunderous riff and bass combination that is guaranteed to trigger seismic shifts in the atmosphere of any mainstage performance. The single’s breakdown rises with goosebump-inducing tension as the topline plays out repetitively before unleashing a deafening fury of electronic splendor.

The momentum and fanfare behind each release from the Revealed Recordings boss have been increasing at an enthusiastic rate, with fans getting a closer look and feel of Hardwell’s new sound with every new single. Additionally, last month, Hardwell performed only his second official REBELS NEVER DIE tour date since his return show in March. Fans can next catch him headlining Ultra Europe in Croatia on July 10th.

Hardwell ‘PACMAN’ is available all on streaming platforms via Revealed Recordings!

Tickets for the REBELS NEVER DIE album world tour are available now.


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