Rising Duo Hayve And Vocalist Imallryt Reunite On Drum And Bass Single “Drift Away”

hayve drift away

Hailing from Finland and Israel, bass music duo hayve and songwriter-producer imallryt have teamed up for the melodic drum and bass single, “Drift Away” out on Monstercat today.

With emotive toplines that shine through the roaring synths, they tug at heartstrings with quick-cutting drums and a cinematic bassline that drifts through the ominous kicks. Amassing over 1.7 million streams on their previous collaborative release, “Drift Away” is a testament to the balance between orchestral instrumentation and hard-hitting bass that hayve and imallryt have mastered so well.

hayve shares, “Always a pleasure working with imallryt, hope you enjoy this banger we made together!”

imallryt adds, “The song tells a story about someone trying to let go of a lost love, constantly saying to themselves that they’re not still having feelings but the embers of a fire that once was there are still glowing. ‘Drift Away” from the past and try to move on but it’s impossible.”


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