Haywyre Channels Sage Advice With Brooding House Single “Change Your Mind”

haywyre change your mind

Grammy-nominated pianist and producer Haywyre has been fusing his love for jazz and classical music into an inventive electronic signature that blurs the boundaries between synthetic and organic sounds.

The artist makes his return to Lost In Dreams with his follow-up single “Change Your Mind.” The track builds upon the success of his most recent single, “With Or Without,” which surpassed the 100 thousand stream mark since it was released last month.

“Change Your Mind” is a sultry house number that fuses hints of nostalgia with new-age flair. Driven by a beguiling vocal hook, the lyrics and delivery are smooth and seductive, dripping with retro persuasion. Snazzy guitar flanger fills are layered with brooding pads and enchanting melodies to enhance the anticipation and deepen the groove. Stuttering vocal chops are sprinkled throughout, adding an emotive pull in the intro while also punching up the drops. Snappy drums, rolling basslines, and fluttering low-end up the ante, delivering a smooth kick without ever losing the groove. “Change Your Mind” blends a cinematic ‘80s aesthetic with a forward-thinking dance sound, resulting in an undeniably catchy love song.

Haywyre speaks on the meaning behind his latest offering, saying, “With ‘Change Your Mind,’ I really wanted to explore the idea that hearing the right words at the right time can alter our trajectory. It’s possible we’re always just a few bits of advice away from making better choices.”

Hailing from the Midwest, Haywyre is a Grammy-nominated producer and pianist who has been a mainstay in the industry for well over a decade. He originally caused a tidal wave of buzz in 2014 with his acclaimed “Two Fold Pt. 1” LP, which led to direct tour support for dance music heavyweights Zedd and GriZ. Most recently, Haywyre is hot off of a run of tour dates with The Floozies, which included stops at Mission Ballroom, The Tabernacle, Salvage Station, The Ave, 9:30 Club. He made his debut on Lost In Dreams in 2021 with “Wisdom,” and followed it up with his recent single “With Or Without.” The latest release has amassed more than 100 thousand streams in less than a month, while drawing press support from EDM Maniac, Galaxy Music, EDM Sessions, Canadian Ravers, Modern Neon, This Song Slaps, and Beat For Beat.

“Change Your Mind” is a smooth and seductive ballad built for the dancefloor.

Haywyre’s new single “Change Your Mind” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.


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