Headhunterz Is Coming ‘Home’ With His Cinematic Take On Hardstyle

Headhunterz Home

Leading on from the success of ‘Orange Heart’, Headhunterz self-proclaimed “favourite track” he’s ever worked on so far, that clocked up a career record of 250 million streams in under 48hrs, the King of hardstyle readies his next epic release with ‘Home’.

Inspired by his life often lived on the road, bringing his music to huge crowds all over the world as a tool for unity and inclusion, Headhunterz said of the release: “Coming home is something so meaningful to me in many ways. Not only is it the best thing about travelling to me, but in a greater sense, I have found a home in this music alongside many others. The home of hardstyle is not only a place in the world, but it is also a place inside ourselves and it’s with us wherever we go.”; a mantra that fans in all four corners of the globe can agree to, as well as find inspiration within.

Cinematic vocal hums usher in the track as vivid melodies swoop in before a militant-style, hyperactive beat punches in at 150 BPM. Declarations’ of “We’re coming home!” are reminiscent of an old-school, rave-ready passion, that when merged with the rousing female topline that allows the track space to breathe, pitched kicks bring it back to the form of a white-knuckle ride.

Packing a punch and swarming with emotion, this is Headhunterz at his most original and breath-taking; ‘Home’ is released today.


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