Highlnd Unveils ‘Do Your Worst’ Featuring Elle Vee

highlnd do your worst

Highlnd is serving up his fourth single on the ever-expanding Lost in Dreams imprint with his latest creation, “Do Your Worst,” featuring the venerated vocalist, Elle Vee.

Cementing himself as an expert over matters of the heart, the Los Angeles-based producer is setting out to uncover the sometimes-ugly side of love on another emotion-stirring masterpiece. “Do Your Worst” entrenches itself into the throes of a relationship whose well has been poisoned.

The highly sought-after songstress Elle Vee comes in to coat the single in agonizing heartache through her stunning vocal delivery. In an almost sadistic fashion, she challenges her oppressive counterpart to pile on the pain in hopes that the hurt cuts deep enough to bring about some much-needed closure.

Highlnd pushes the piece past the threshold in his own cinematic manner, carrying that courageous demand on the back of his melodic sensibilities. Poignant piano keys, swelling strings, and riveting drum crescendos punctuate her fearless invitation, eventually leading into roaring ostinato synth sequences that force the tainted romance into a place that’s beyond redemption.

“‘Do Your Worst’ came together effortlessly when Elle and I wrote it together on Zoom,” says Highlnd. “It’s about using a loved one hurting you as motivation to finally escape that relationship without running back. This track is my stamp on the emotional, melodic side of bass music and I feel like it perfectly encompasses the sound of my upcoming EP.”

“Sometimes, when you love someone, your emotional pain tolerance can go up if it means keeping the person you love in your life still,” explains Elle Vee. “You may find yourself tolerating things you wouldn’t normally tolerate.

You may find yourself irrationally justifying unjust behavior or compromising your dignity to continuously forgive a person who likely isn’t ‘sorry’ enough to stop hurting you. It’s easier than you may think to find your ‘love’ turning into a very toxic relationship with a cycle of hurtful patterns. Sometimes, something traumatic that ‘cuts deep’ becomes the only thing that can snap a person out of this ‘love spell’ they’re under.

‘Do Your Worst’ is a song about codependency and wanting the strength to know that leaving is the only solution, and that the pain needs to be significant enough to finally cut the ties that hold you and this toxicity together. ‘Do Your Worst’ is about letting someone go. The pain won’t kill you, but a toxic environment day in and day out most certainly will.”

Highlnd is the brainchild of L.A-bred electronic producer Elliot Sorgen. Taking cues from a wide range of influences spanning alt rock, emo and pop, he’s found a home on Lost In Dreams Records since first gracing its catalog back in April.

Currently in the middle of assembling his anticipated debut EP for the label, the fast-rising phenom has been leaving a breadcrumb of breathtaking singles in his trail. Centered around his penchant for live instrumentation and orchestral-infused sound design, his electrifying presence has already been felt from his “Knock On Wood” collab with the like-minded Rival and singer Lousy, as well as two stints with singer-songwriter Zack Gray: initially on their inaugural release “If You Want To Stay”, and most recently on their follow-up effort, “Pseudo Love.”

Hailing from Las Vegas, Elle Vee continues to embed herself deeper and deeper into a never-ending dance rotation through numerous features that run the gamut from endorphin-drenched trance all the way through to neck-snapping dubstep.

She’s enjoyed an impressive track record that has seen her share credits with top-tier names from the likes of Excision, Kompany, Abandoned, Spag Heddy, and more. Already a friendly face on Insomniac Music Group, Elle has left her mark on Heaven Sent via “Where Does Love Go” alongside Synymata, as well as Gud Vibrations by way of her appearance with Marauda and label co-founders SLANDER’s “Suffer.”

Highlnd and Elle Vee’s new single “Do Your Worst” is a genuine melodic bass gem, which is available everywhere via Lost In Dreams.


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