Highly Sedated – Got Some Water


Highly Sedated return to Steve Angello’s respected Size Records with their latest single, Got Some Water.

Grab it here.

Titled ‘Got Some Water’, the track intros with dark synths, a strong bassline underpinning spoken lyrics. A dramatic breakdown leads into echoing sung sections, before the track’s climactic chorus. The expert production compliments the memorable lyrics.

Consisting of two vocalists, a photographer, art director and a producer, Highly Sedated aim to push the boundaries of electronic music by fusing elements of a traditional band in their approach to performance and production. An ode to the five-member band’s realization of their ‘existence’ to follow their passion of music, Highly Sedated is a result of a group of brother-like friends with a wide difference of musical backgrounds coming together. “We didn’t want to join the circus, so we created our own,” says the group.

Regarding the project, Steve Angello says, “I’m lucky to be involved and I’m excited to be the chosen one, it’s very hard to find a group of friends that’s been through everything together to get here and their only purpose is to bring incredible music and art to the world. This is Highly Sedated.”


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