Highly Sedated – Highly Sedated

Highly Sedated

Highly Sedated have announced the release of their debut album, ‘All We Have Is Now’ and to celebrate the announcement, they reveal the first single from it – ‘Highly Sedated.’

Built around a male vocal, ‘Highly Sedated’ begins with airy chords and a driving bassline. The track quickly escalates into a plethora of full-bodied synth patterns. ‘Highly Sedated’ is a solid display of the band’s production abilities, as well as giving listeners a first taste of the forthcoming album.

Pre-order the album here.

‘All We Have Is Now’ will be comprised of 12 tracks, which embody their eclectic taste and genre-bending style. The album will contain a slate of brand new material, alongside their previous singles, ‘Got Some Water’, ‘Make Love’ and ‘Last Call’.

‘All We Have Is Now’ Full Tracklist

1. Wasted Youth
2. Go Insane
3. Got Some Water
4. We Try
5. Slip Away
6. Burn
7. Make Love
8. Now
9. Rush
10. Highly Sedated
11. Last Call
12. Highly Sedated – ‘Smoke Rings’


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