Highly Sedated – All We Have Is Now


Swedish electronica band Highly Sedated have announced the release of their debut album, ‘All We Have Is Now’ via Steve Angello’s SIZE Records.

Comprising of 12 tracks, the album contains brand new material alongside their previous singles, ‘Got Some Water’, ‘Make Love’, ‘Last Call’ and their recently released album tracks, ‘Highly Sedated’ and ‘Burn’.

The band say, “From the beginning we just tried to be us and see what happened, our sound was never forced it was already there. This is the result of a year of hard work, true spirit and friendship. A timeless album with a contemporary feel. “

Serving as not only a celebration of their finely-tuned production abilities, but also showcasing the evolution of their sound so far, ‘All We Have Is Now’ marks a cornerstone in the band’s success and development. Having incorporated underground tones into their already emotive approach with soulful vocals supplied by Patrick and Verner, Highly Sedated’s latest body of work feels like the perfect soundtrack to their exciting summer.

‘All We Have Is Now’ Tracklist
1. Wasted Youth
2. Go Insane
3. Got Some Water
4. We Try
5. Slip Away
6. Burn
7. Make Love
8. Now
9. Rush
10. Highly Sedated
11. Last Call
12. Highly Sedated – ‘Smoke Rings’


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