HØLY WATERS reveals new single – Amsterdam


The all-new collaboration between singer Roxanne Emery and producer Ciaran McAuley, called Holy Waters, is now set to make music under the moniker. Having spoken about the collaboration for a few years, they finally teamed up to give birth to Holy Waters. Here’s the new debut single from them, Amsterdam.

Starting in a melodic fashion, the soothing vocals are bound to impress you and the lyrics equally deep and enchanting. The production is masterfully done, dropping into a beautiful interlude and the energetic tempo, which keeps you on your feet at all times. The lyric video is also a soulful representation of the singer’s emotions and also gives you glimpses of the wonderful city. You surely get the essence of the city and the musical prowess of both the artists.

The warm music, played in a laidback fashion, with some bass and cinematic strings, Ciaran has impressed one and all here. The atmosphere created by the music is quite intimate –thanks to the skilfully timed piano works. Roxanne, with her emotive music and voice, captures the listeners’ attention as the open letter to the city is sung out in great fervor.

Having released three EPs since 2011, Roxanne is a well-known name in the industry. Releasing her debut EP ‘An Introduction To Roxanne Emery’ on her own LATE Records, she set a strong foot as the EP charted at 54 on iTunes. She drew much attention when the acoustic recording of ‘Late’ went viral in the UK and became the Top Favorited and Rated Video. Having worked on vocals on the club anthem ‘A Day That Fades’ by Cosmic Gate, she made her way into the dance music scene as well. She also featured on her brother, Gareth Emery’s ‘Northern Lights’ album.

As a standalone Producer/DJ and formerly as one half of renowned trance duo Walsh & McAuley, Ciaran (pronounced Kier-ran) McAuley has been responsible for some of the most scene-seizing music to arrive in the recent times and this talented Irishman is leading the charge of nu-breed talent breaking out into the mainstream. Ciaran McAuley’s uplifting and energetic trance sounds are clearly in great demand, so much so that he’s recently completed several high profile official remixes that are getting at the start of 2018. First up is his remix of Ferry Corsten ‘Blueprint’, the title track of Ferry’s 2017 artist album, swiftly followed by the all-time trance classic Salt Tank ‘Eugina’ in February and Gareth Emery ‘Long Way Home’ on Garuda in April, with a Paul Oakenfold project in Perfecto also due for release.

This wonderful collaboration is one that has all the potential to take the industry by storm, and we certainly think that this debut release has proved to be a great launchpad.

What do you think of this new music?

Pavan Kumar



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