Hot Since 82’s “8-Track” Album Needs To Be Added To Your Collection

hot since 82 8 track album

UK techno & house star Hot Since 82 finally releases his album project ‘8-track’, an expanded collection of tracks that he has been working on for over two years.

Yorkshire DJ-producer Daley Padley adopted the Hot Since 82 moniker seven years ago and has made a name for himself since, DJing all over the world. He released an album in 2013 and has fired out many tunes and remixes since, garnering multi-millions of streams.

This time, however, he moves on from the generic daytime radio and drug-fuelled club sounds and aims to appeal to the more educated audience on the dancefloor with his brand new compilation series 8-track

8-track is a concept devised by Hot Since 82 which allows artists to create a body of work beyond the limitations of a single or an EP. His own ‘8-track’ is a deeply personal and cathartic piece of work, somehow created in the midst of his crazy touring schedule over the last two years. Broader than an EP but conceptually not an album, these are eight new originals and is the latest in a string of major upcoming projects.

Having 8 stellar tracks, two of which being vocal collaborations with Jem Cooke, the album is one you must add to your collection as it showcases a very different side of Hot Since 82’s music. These are hypnotic, emotive anthems rather than pure dancefloor stamina. They also brilliantly demonstrate the evolution of Hot Since 82’s sound on the whole.

Grab your copy now!

Shivani Murthy


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