Hourstone Unveils New Single, ‘Hypnotherapology’

hourstone hypnotherapology

In the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary music, few artists stand out as distinctly and magnetically as Hourstone.

Hailing from Singapore, this multi-talented artist brings to the fore an intoxicating blend of evocative metaphors, arresting visuals, and a voice that effortlessly transports listeners to what can only be described as a dark, enchanting fairyland.

With “Hypnotherapology,” Hourstone once again proves why he’s an artist to watch. Even without diving into the sonic intricacies of this single, the reception of its music video is evidence enough of its artistic caliber — 24 Award wins and 19 Semi-Finalist Awards, including accolades from notable institutions like the Los Angeles IndieX Film Fest and the Milan Filmmaker Awards. Such recognition not only underscores Hourstone’s prowess in visual storytelling but also reinforces the idea that music, in its purest form, is a holistic experience; one that transcends auditory boundaries and delves deep into visual and emotional realms.

Past tracks like “Halfway House” and “I Will Find a Way” have already garnered Hourstone significant attention, amassing over 2 million streams. This isn’t surprising given Hourstone’s commitment to his craft. He describes his creative process as an “intimate dance with emotions,” a sentiment that is palpable in the depth and resonance of his tracks. With “Hypnotherapology,” one can expect the same infusion of raw emotion, expertly woven into narratives that connect with listeners on a profoundly personal level.

Hourstone’s journey, marked by collaborations with visionary partners and an unyielding drive even in the face of global adversities, promises a future replete with groundbreaking music and visuals. “Hypnotherapology” might just be the beginning of a new chapter, but it’s one that, based on its reception, promises to be as enchanting as the tales Hourstone loves to tell.

To those yet to experience Hourstone’s world, “Hypnotherapology” is more than just an invitation; it’s an entryway into a universe where sound, emotion, and visuals coalesce to create magic. And to existing fans, it’s yet another testament to Hourstone’s unceasing evolution as a true maestro of modern music.


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