i_o teams up with Tommy Trash for the massive collaboration – Let Me Go

tommy trash let me go

Following their immensely successful previous collaboration “Oxygen” via Spinnin’ Records in 2017, our friends i_o and Tommy Trash reunite today as they unveil their newest effort “Let Me Go” featuring Daisy Guttridge.

Flooding with progressive baselines and vivid emotive feels with Daisy’s incredible vocal work, “Let Me Go” brings listeners back to the rave with this quintessential summer festival banger.

Displaying a cunning drive for that unparalleled ‘EDM-esque’ vibe, this dance floor ready house heater is a feel-good festival anthem. Daisy Guttridge’s entrancing vocals propel the track forward, paired with layers of percussion and nostalgic grooves, this upbeat commercial tune is about to be one of the biggest dance hits of the season, out on mau5trap!

“This is the first song Tommy and I worked on together. it started as a remix for one of his tracks and then we tried to work it to a techno banger. We could never get it right until Tommy grabbed a keyboard and in 5 seconds wrote that anthemic melody that it has now. it’s a melody I was obsessed with and one that reaches all the way back to the first guest mix I ever put out.

We didn’t really have a plan on finishing it until mau5trap heard it and wouldn’t rest until it was done. We had a demo vocal on it and in typical fashion, Tommy dug in his hard drive and found yet another golden Daisy Guttridge vocal. Tommy and I went back and forth on it from LA to Thailand with some notes from Daisy and finally, the record took its form. So after years of working on it, we now have Let Me Go in its classic progressive form and i have a special club version i save for live sets,” – our friend i_o


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