Icarus Moth and Wit Blu’s Latest Release is a “Perfect” Fit for Summer

icarus moth wit blu perfect outfit

‘Perfect Outfit,’ is a new upbeat and groovy single by Icarus Moth and Wit Blu. It’s the perfect summer vibe with a jazzy backtrack and incredibly catchy topline. It’s already available for streaming here.

The song is the product of a hot summer day at Bedrock Studios in Los Angeles, a spontaneous collaboration between the Brooklyn-NY based producer Icarus Moth, which consists of the electronic music producer, pianist, and sound engineer Nathan Miller, and vocalist/songwriter Whitney Carr, who operates under the moniker Wit Blu.

It was the first time the two had worked together, and they wanted to make something fun and exciting — a slight deviation from Icarus Moth’s usual, darker style.

The song itself is a hit. It’s an evocative, sexy piece that combines watery synth accents during breaks with Wit Blu’s jazz-influenced piano riffs and playful top-line vocals. It’s delicate and smooth, backed by a crisp snare that keeps the beat but doesn’t overwhelm the more intricate treble pieces of the whole.

“We wanted to jump into something organic regardless of how it turned out, as this was our first time writing together,” Miller said. The initial pop/R&B beat the two came up with evolved into ‘Perfect Outfit.’

Both artists are a pair of exceptional talents in the indie-electronic scene. Wit Blu is a solo project started in 2017, whose latest single ‘Burgundy’ hit number one on Indie-Shuffle and Hype Machine charts. It was later remixed by PUSHER with great success.

Icarus Moth has also made great headway into the industry, starting off his career with a bang in 2016, releasing “Reputation” which has now reached over 5 million listeners on Spotify and collaborating with prominent indie acts such as MEMBA, Mothica, and Ehiorobo.

‘Perfect Outfit’ is a perky spark that has themes couples — or anyone — sheltering-in-place during this quarantine can relate to. It’s optimistic and fun, a reminder that life goes on through the rough patches, and often even gets better.

Miller said that “When Wit informed me she was writing a top-line about having a fight with your significant other, and then the makeup sex that may come after, I was all in since it matched the musical vibes we were creating. The combination of the LA heat and that I was also having a similar experience in my romantic life at the time made it work.”

The two were excited by their incredible sonic chemistry, which made for a smooth and productive recording session. “After the four-hour session we had the whole arrangement and the scratch vocals completely finished, which is always a sign that we wrote something fun,” Miller said.

‘Perfect Outfit’ is Carr’s first single since ‘Burgundy,’ produced by GEO. ‘Perfect Outfit’ also marks the start of a series of 2020 releases by Icarus Moth with a multitude of other collaborators. Get it here.



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