Boomslang’s Epic Spotify Playlist

impex al/so spotify playlist

Impex and AL/SO have brought their cut-throat sounds to Texas based imprint Boomslang Records for a double sided single which has just dropped, and to celebrate we’ve asked them to give us a playlist of tracks they’re listening to right now, helping to influence their production.

Having premiered tracks from the likes of Heist, NC-17, Transforma and Jaybee, Boomslang is no stranger to heavy hitting records and ‘Epic’ alongside ‘House Party’ from the pair is certainly no different.

So to commemorate its release, check out the list compiled from the duo below and make sure to grab a copy – as Korsakov figurehead AL/SO and underground stalwart Impex pull no punches with this next release.

Impex’s ‘Top Five Must Drop Bangers’

1- Joe Ford – Into Black

This tune is something out of this world. It shows Joe Ford’s technical skills, alongside the heavy bass driven riffs and glitchy sounds.

The intro itself is a voyage and I remember thinking how would the drop have a match to it.

Definitely a ‘must drop’ for me.

2 – DC Breaks – Gambino

I tried, I swear, I tried to not drop this in my sets, but midway through it, it just feels right. Why would I keep this massive banger from the amazing crowd in front of me?

The moment the hook hits, the mood is Gambino all the way. The crowd knows what’s coming, even the ones that might be new to the scene or whatever – the tune gives us that vibe and we just have to flow with it ‘cause that’s how ganstas move…’

3 – Impex – Metadone

Yes, I know I shouldn’t be adding my own tunes to this banger list, but I can’t help to drop this and see everyone’s reaction to it. The weird ambient that is set from the intro, crashing into a 4 x 4 drop with sword sounds and a catchy bass… what’s there not to like about this one? Not to mention that I keep finding new double drops that fit this vibe every time I play. So yes, definitely a very dropable tune from yours truly.

4 – Noisia – Voodoo & (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix)

Noisia right? Well, my experimental side can’t help it. I have to add some breaky weird stuff to my sets to disrupt any kind of stability that the crowd may be experiencing, and I often turn to Noisia for it. Voodoo and its outer edges remix are 100% sure to achieve that goal. Those snares in the remix and the massive kick hit in the original are definitely something special!!

5 – Disphonia – Back To The Old School Ft. Kryptomedic

This is one of those hard choices for me cause I’m such a Disphonia fan. But i believe that this one is a must drop cause who wouldn’t want to be taken back to the old school with this rolling bassline and Kriptomedic’s vocals? The stabs in the perfect moments, the perfect transitions that keep this interesting for the entire tune are something I still aim to achieve in my own productions.

AL/SO’s ‘5 Tunes for Musical Storytelling’

The main goal of my music moving forward is storytelling, the same standard I uphold my Korsakov Music artists to. I need to hear some sort of musical progression in a tune, anything more than a simple loop.

1. Joe Ford – Where Is The Sun

This is the greatest tech / dancefloor crossover of all time. If this doesn’t tell a story, nothing does.

2. Delta Heavy – Here With Me ft. Modestep (The Prototypes Remix)

This is my favorite drum & bass track of all time. The intro, the build, the incredible drop with impeccable lead progression sends chills down my spine. The day I don’t play this in a set is the day hell freezes over.

3. Metrik – We Are The Energy

Again, the musicality in this is unrivaled. It all builds and breathes and talks to me in a way. It tells me everything is okay, everything is going great and it’s awesome to be alive.

4. S.P.Y – By Your Side

I used to dislike liquid and melodic stuff a lot. Until I heard two tunes in quick succession, this being the first one. I couldn’t believe my ears, it was so beautiful and I could not stop listening.

5. High Contrast & Clare Maguire – Who’s Loving You (Part 2)

Remember when I said I heard two tunes in quick succession a few years ago that completely flipped me onto melodic DNB? This is the second one. Absolute masterpiece front to back, without the vocals you could still hear vocals singing and telling a story in your head. Brilliant. Got these two to thank for all my orchestral dancefloor coming up.

Hannah Helbert


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