Indira Paganotto Unveils, ‘Guns & Horses’ EP

indira paganotto guns & horses

Trailblazing Spanish techno DJ and producer Indira Paganotto inaugurates her new label ARTCORE with a vigorous EP.

Spanning a distinctive fusion of techno, psytrance and flamenco, the imprint’s stellar debut showcases Indira’s free spiritedness and open-minded approach to making music.

An outpost exclusively for her own productions, the launch follows a string of releases via prominent techno labels KNTXT, Second State and Octopus Records. Driven to present her artistic evolution to the world, followers can expect to find Indira shrewdly combining her techno skills with more instrumentals, as well as unique genre clashes.

“For me, my music is a state of trance,” Indira explains. “Each track has to tell a lot of stories with sensitivity and romanticism while looking backwards to our roots and forwards to visions of the future. My Guns & Horses EP is a mixture of my 12-year career, my experiences in different countries, my love for Asian culture and respect for my Spanish roots – flamenco!!! It also speaks of my passion for psytrance, a gift inherited from my father who spent more than ten years in India and was the one who instilled this sound and lifestyle in me.”

Opening track ‘Jambo’, is a slick roller which sees techno meet flamenco and a Spanish gypsy essence. Rippling with sounds that reach across frenetic flamenco guitar playing and psychedelic basslines, it’s one of Indira’s most distinct works to date.

‘Guns & Horses’ is an arresting affair, with psychedelic synths, breakneck beats and exhilarating female vocals set to take listeners to another dimension. ‘Angara Bebesi’, the darkest cut on the EP, goes for deep, sleek techno with high-octane basslines, while the decisive beats and unrelenting drums of ‘UZI’ cuts in to close the EP. Bringing through powerful vocals, unexpected animal calls and twisted psytrance-tinged melodies, it lands designed to mess with your mind.


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