Indivision Shares Top Drum & Bass Tracks That Need To Be On Your Playlist

drum and bass playlist by Indivision

Coverk, Estonian producer and radio host, came under the radar of Indivision and on first listen to his brand new record ‘Back 2U’, just dropped on Indivision Music, it’s easy to understand why he was confirmed for the brand-new label’s first release.

The brainchild of Indivision and named after the producer’s legacy, which has seen him become a household name in Estonia, the imprint has already put forward some of the most cutting-edge music which lands into the lap of its head honcho. And with Indivision’s vast experience within the drum & bass scene, as well as his wealth of influence, he’ll have access to many cuts which will finally get a release, launching on his self-made platform. Also hailing from Estonia, Coverk’s talents can be clearly heard through his upcoming release ‘Back 2U’. Already boasting an array of taste-making support, his beautifully woven melodies, and painstakingly crafted layering prove that he will play an integral part within the roster of Indivision Music.

To celebrate its release, we have asked Indivision to provide a playlist that highlights the tracks they’re supporting, as well as some of the label’s stand out tracks. Take a listen below and be sure to keep an eye on the budding label.

Culture Shock – Renaissance

Banger, I really like that nasty bassline

Sub Focus & Dimension – Desire

Everybody loves this tune, including me! What a great collaboration, I didn’t expect that.

RL Grime – UCLA

The people go wild when this track is dropped! I definitely like drum & bass bootlegs of RL Grime too, for instance, the one from Flite which is currently doing the rounds.

Workforce – Fragments

Just pure vibes, the crowd always loves it and I really dig it!

Krakota – Reload

This is a great track, I like that minimal bouncy bassline. Perfect for Friday’s gig!

Jome – Cinnamon

The emotion is just epic, a really touching tune

Camo & Krooked – Ruhepuls

That sound design and the vocals, the production is incredible from this pair!

Coverk – Back 2U

Just had to add this, I’m very proud of the release!

Indivision & Livewire ft. Tasha Baxter – Won’t you Stay

The production on this is of top quality it’s an excellent release on Indivision Music. It’s in my Friday’s TOP 10 for sure!

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