Midnight Kids Adds Cinematic, Retro Twist To ISOxo And FrostTop’s Single “Angels Landing”

isoxo angels landing midnight kids

Midnight Kids works late-night magic into ISOxo and FrostTop’s recent single “Angels Landing,” with a cinematic midtempo remix that ushers in a wave of nostalgia over the ninth season of releases for NIGHTMODE.

There’s a spirit of rebellion emanating from every track Midnight Kids puts his name on. Originally operating as a two-person outfit, the Los Angeles-grown artist has become notorious for turning trends over on their heads, driven by a determination to turn back the clocks of electronic music by exploring the timeless qualities existing within ‘80s synth pop, indie dance, and the golden age of blog house.

Modern classic is a nice way to sum up the efforts of Kyle Girard, the brains behind the now-solo project. On his debut appearance for the NIGHTMODE imprint, Midnight Kids is adding his signature retro flair into the fold with a rework of “Angels Landing,” the transportive trap collab released by ISOxo and FrostTop at the end of August.

Elements from the original version still feel as haunting as they did in its previous hardwave context, but Midnight Kids takes a heavy cinematic approach before allowing them to leave the launchpad.

The melodic lead and arresting vocal hook stay engaged almost the across the entire run, only now the main motif is twisted and contorted across crunchy electro components that rattle around suspenseful drum lines, dizzying arpeggiations, moody pads, and the perfect amount of growling talking synths to bring it all home. “Angels Landing” was already poised for festival greatness at the hands of its two crowd-favorited creators, and Midnight Kids is adding extreme mileage to its trajectory with his electrifying take.

“I was so excited to make this remix for FrostTop and ISOxo, two artists I’ve been a huge fan of for a while now. This remix was my way of bringing their heavy, trap banger style into my own world of mid-tempo French house music inspired by the likes of Justice and Sebastian.”–Midnight Kids


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